Plush Dog Toys are fun, and so much more…

Plush Dog Toys are fun, and so much more…

The soft touch of a freshly-tufted stuffie is an incredibly rewarding sensation - a sensation that you may recall from your own childhood. As a pet owner, you are less likely to recall your dog’s fondest memory of his first fluff-baby. You know: violently thrashing it across the living room floor with the unyielding desire to puncture that gosh-darned squeaker! While it certainly sounds riveting, social decorum insists that you refrain from this level of engagement with your childhood Teddy. For our K9 pals, however, this behavior is fair game.

It is no surprise that our beloved pups find great joy in their plush toys. As one of the primary categories of mass-market dog products, plush dog toys encourage an engaging and interactive lifestyle. Plush toys are sure to entertain a playful pooch for hours on end. As a dog grows through the years, we often find that they will consistently return, time and time again, to a familiar plush to take value in its emotional comfort.

Even if that once perfect plush is on it’s last leg, one man’s junk can be another pup’s treasure. 

We’ve all seen those heart-warming YouTube clips featuring a tender Pittie clinging lovingly to a drool-caked plush. Whether it be an old, destuffed teddy or a stylish, Chewy Vuiton Handbag, the beloved softie has an important role to fill in your pup’s life. 

Your pup choosing their favorite plush toy can be a confusing and delicate process. It’s not something that happens overnight. One moment they are slobber-filled due to endless hours of nuzzling. Moments later they may become subject to an intense whip-and-thrash session. This journey is an essential process for your dog’s selection in finding the coveted ”chosen one” plush toy. Rest assured that this behavior is par for the course in your pup's plush selection process. 

Need not worry if the endless nuzzling persists solely with a bottle of Furball Cinnamutt Whiskey. While Haute Diggity Dog products may be addictive, they are not habit-forming. Nuzzle, away!

At the end of the day, it is always entertaining to yell across the house ”go get your baby!” and see your dog’s affectionate scamper as they hurry back with their favorite fluff-baby. Just as you might recall carrying your Teddy as a child, a dog’s connection to their favorite plush is an emotional connection — one that will comfort them for years to come.

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