Haute Diggity Dog Partners with Faire.com

Haute Diggity Dog Partners with Faire.com

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It is a great pleasure to announce that Haute Diggity Dog is partnering with Faire.com to assist eligible resellers in finding unique dog toys and merchandise for their retail stores. This August 2020, Faire.com customers will be able to purchase novelty dog-toys from their favorite Haute Diggity Dog parody brands with a 20% discount off wholesale orders! 

You may be curious about who’s belly we had to scratch for permission to extend such a ”paw”-some discount. The truth is: no bellies were scratched in the making of this incredible deal.

Faire.com is matching brand promotions up to 10%. So, naturally, we called their bluff and, as it turns out… they are not bluffing! Haute Diggity Dog's 10% OFF, stacked with Faire’s 10% match, gives resellers a whopping 20% savings on wholesale orders!

This two-day sale takes place on Faire.com and runs from August 26th through the 27th and is our biggest sale of the year. If you are a retailer who enjoys Haute Diggity Dog products, this sale is the best way to get a fantastic bargain while supporting your favorite pet toy brand! 

Honestly, this is like an all-you-can-chew buffet of White Paws, Muttgaritas, Chewy Vuiton, Starbarks, and more that your customer’s furry pals and gals are sure to adore. In fact: not participating in our annual Faire partnership would be downright dastardly and dutifully declared a deliberate doggie disaster!

So, we’ll see you online at Faire.com the 26th and 27th. Deal? Deal! 

For more information on our parody dog-toy product lines and the Haute Diggity Dog brand, visit our webstore or our merchant profile on Faire.com.

The Faire.com promotional discount of 20% off Haute Diggity Dog product expires at midnight August 27th, 2020. This online-only promotion is not subject to extension and only runs once per year.

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