The Doggie Days of Summer

The Doggie Days of Summer

Keeping your pooch cool through the summer will always be on the forefront of any dog owner's mind. While a kiddie pool and frozen watermelon treats will certainly work, your dog, Professor Whiskers PhD, might have more in mind for a perfect summer day.

Let us start by enjoying a morning cruise to Starbarks Coffee House. Roll the windows down (even if it’s a convertible top, roll ’em on down) and feel the wind rush past your ears, order up a Frenchie Roast for ”Doc” Whiskers, and get this pool day started! It is surely no surprise that we all need a little ‘squeak’ of caffeine to get the day moving along.

What the Doc is most excited for is relaxing in a Tiki themed veranda - she has been looking forward to this since the start of the day! Donning her most fashionable shades and kicking back with a crisp Muttlennial Mango White Paw, you and Doc are headed in the right direction! With three different White Paw flavors to choose from, grab a couple singles or a White Paw Grrriety Pack and embark on some sunbathing, belly-up.

This is one Muttlenial who is on track for an Instagrrram worthy day here, wouldn’t you say? Which is exactly what we are shooting for anyway, right? 

After some great splashin’ and relaxin’ on this crisp summer day, Professor Whiskers is ready to head back and enjoy a home cooked meal. Rumor has it that Filet Mignon is on the menu. A perfect choice!

If Doc has it her way, it is finally time to boot up her favorite movie, Beethoven (he’s such a charmer!) and call it a day. Keeping cool is exhausting, but keeping it COOL is work. Can we say perfect "doggie day of summer"? 

Perfect Doggie Day of Summer. 

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